With its 1034 hp, “Ultima Evolution” become a real rival in super sports cars category

The British Company “Ultima Sports” -specialized in inventing super sports car models- disclosed its new born, “Evolution” greatly emboldened with a powerful engine producing 1034 hp and 920 pound-feet of torque .

the British manufacturer rely on a 6.8-liter Chevrolet LS supercharged V8 engine to draw its horsepower, making the “Evolution” able to reach 100 km/h from stability in just 2.3 seconds and a top speed of about 386 km/h, but that’s reserved for drivers who are prepared to vacate this mortal coil.ultima-evolution-2_800x0wAfter its antecedent models “Ultima GTR” and “Ultima Sports“, “Revolution” is the third super sports model produced by the British company,  derives its power and a 160 km/h speed from stability in 4.9 seconds thanks to its lightness and the carbon fiber chassis, as well as high Aerodynamic  properties.

A closer inspection of the body reveals the extensive modifications that turn the previous GTR model into the Evolution. Up front, there’s a carbon-fiber splitter, LED headlamps with anodized aluminum bezels and carbon-fiber clusters, and LED daytime front running lights. The canopy-like cockpit also received a revised windscreen. Around back, there’s a mildly altered carbon-fiber wing and new taillight clusters. On the sides, the Evolution showcases lightweight forged alloy wheels, carbon-fiber mirrors with revised positions for improved rear visibility, and new side intakes for greater airflow and improved cooling. New Ultima logo badges have been added on both the body and the wheels.evo065-970x546-cEven though Ultima claims “there is virtually no part of the Evolution that is in the same specification as when the GTR and Can-Am were first launched, the cockpit of the Evolution retains the basic layout of its predecessor. There’s a no-nonsense dashboard with analog gauges and an array of buttons and switches left of the steering wheel. New bits include instrument faces that are now color-coded to the wheels, revised air conditioning vents, new warning lights, and a redesigned engine start button. The multifunction steering wheel is also new and comes with wireless integrated button controls instead of rocker switches. A flat-bottom steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara is offered as an option.

The upholstery for the racing seats now includes leather, Alcantara inserts, color-coded stitching, and Ultima Evolution logos with a color-coded piping option. The rollcage is also trimmed in leather, while the floor carpet can be optioned with color-coded piping as well. The seatbelts have been redesigned to meet the latest safety standards. Other updates include a machined alloy billet gear shifter, a carbon-fiber-style center console, a stainless steel handbrake lever, and billet interior door handles.ultima-evolution-40_800x0wAs for convenience features, Ultima equipped the Evolution with rear parking sensors, rear view reversing camera, a Satnav system, iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, and an Alpine car stereo system. Needless to say, Ultima focused on bringing its supercar into the 21st century in terms of creature comforts. Of course, hardcore gearheads can opt to have these features removed should they want the Evolution as a track car only.

Ultima says pricing of the Evolution remains unchanged from the GTR, meaning customers can buy and built a kit car for the same ballpark price as a mundane new BMW 335i, which starts from £38,260, or about $57,200 as of 04/08/2015, in the UK. Pre-built cars start from £65,995 (around $98,690) for the base model and from £95,995 (about $143,560) for the wild, 1,020-horsepower, supercharged range-topper.

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