The most fascinating models that would be shown at the “Frankfurt International Auto Show 2015”

No more than few days are still for the opening of one of the most important international auto shows, the “Frankfurt International Motor Show”, where most auto companies from around the world are keen to participate in its activities.

The exhibition will start from 17 to 27 September, it is expected that the major auto companies showcase all their most important and latest products.

In the following review, we will try to show you a range of cars that will be unveiled through the exhibition:

For those looking for luxury, the new seventh category of BMW will be disclosed, Mercedes also will reveal its luxurious convertible Model, the sumptuous S-Class, while Rolls-Royce showcases its convertible Model “Dawn” of her sublime car “Ghost”.

As for the medium car category, Audi A4 is considered as one of the most important models, which comes with interesting amendments and improvements, such as lower fuel consumption by up to 21% compared to the previous models.

Audi A4

Audi A4

Kia Company also has announced the reveal of its new Optima, while BMW will display three new models through the exhibition.

Kia Optima

The off-roads automotive sector will see great activity during the exhibition, according to some reports, Volkswagen Company plans to disclose the new generation of “Tiguan”.

Volkswagen Tiguain

Volkswagen Tiguain

Additionally, Jaguar Company will show for the first time a multi-functional sports model from (SUV) category, as Kia will present its all-new “Sportage”.



Also, Bentley’s company Director, “Wolfgang Dürheimer”, announced the launch of Bentley Bentayga, as it is described to be the fastest, most luxurious and distinctive car among the multi-functional sports “SUV” models.

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga

Besides, the small and compact car segment will be witnessing the emergence of several new models, such as Fiat, which has announced the disclosure of its new Model “fiat 500”.

Fiat 500

And finally, on one hand, Opel Company has proclaimed that it will unveil a new generation of Astra, while Infiniti Company stated that it will launch its new Q30, and in the other hand, some rumors say that Renault will showcase the new “Mégane”.




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