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GMC Sierra 3500HD 2015,The first heavy pick-up offers maximum Safety and Security

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Safety and security factors are one of the most important issues that occupy car manufacturers thinking. As a result, they work hard to ensure greater protection and safety for passengers.

The new heavy pick-up GMC Sierra 3500HD 2015 is a vivid model of cars where you will feel explicitly the safety and security performances that surround you in both the inside and outside. Sierra has been outfitted with many systems and technologies that have contributed in increasing customer confidence in such cars category, have been long known as transport cars of goods or heavy supplies.

In this special review, we’ll show you safety and security systems offered in the new pickup GMC Sierra 2015.

To begin, there is as a Forward Collision Alert when approaching other vehicles too quickly, and Lane Departure Warning which vibrates when you’ve left your driving lane, in addition to StabiliTrak intelligently manages braking and throttle to help keep the vehicle on its intended path, also Standard Trailer Sway Control Technology keeps both you and your trailer heading in the proper direction, automatically using sensors to detect the rocking of a swaying trailer, and then applying the brakes to help bring it back in line. Moreover, there is a Driver Shift Control that lets you shift gears up and down with the tap of the shift selector, and front and rear cameras or ultrasonic sensors to watch where you might not be looking when parking.

Additionally, To let you engage an extra measure of braking confidence on long grades, or in tow/haul mode, Sierra 3500HD utilizes various technologies to ensure that you stay at the desired speeds:

-The Duramax diesel exhaust brake uses engine compression to create “negative torque” to help slow the vehicle.

-Grade Braking automatically senses when you want to slow down, and when certain conditions are met, engages a Grade Braking shift schedule to help you maintain your desired speed.

-4-wheel disc brakes with DURALIFE™12 Brake Rotors.

It’s worthy to mention also the Anti-Theft System and Tire Pressure Monitoring beside to LATCH system to fix child seat, and six Sierra Bags distributed carefully in the front, on the sides and the back.

In the nutshell, GMC Sierra 3500HD 2015 is a new heavy pick-up which offers a maximum safety and protection to the driver and passengers in addition to various set of options and systems.

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