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“Ferrari F12 Berlinetta”, One Of The Most Monstrous Cars Around The World

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Although The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta super sports car is one of the strongest and coolest supercars around the world, it has become more monstrous after being upgraded by the Italian Company Novitec Rosso.

This amazing car is featured with a terrifying external chassis represented through a new front bumper, distinctive vents on the hood,  sharp side edges of carbon fiber and rear bumper in addition to typical spoiler and forged wheels combining 21-inch rims at the front with 22-inch out back .

This fabulous Ferrari F12 Berlinetta derives its power from a V12 engine of 6.3 liters upgraded by Novitec  Rosso to get 781hp and 722 Nm of torque instead of 730 hp in basic version.

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