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Chevrolet unveils the trial version of Colorado ZR2

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Chevrolet Company finally disclosed the trial version of Colorado ZR2 pickup with diesel engine in Los Angeles Auto Show.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Concept

The pick-up car is characterized with a new design front side, pull rings made of aluminum,a compact pull “winch” and special wheel arches in addition to 18-inch alloy rims coated with off-road tires.


As the pick-up is designed for off-roads, the company engineers have endowed it a new front steering arms, high-performance shock absorbers, differential front gear and electronic closure trunk as well as inferior protection plates.


As for The interior, it has got a black leather seats , orange stitches and headrests embroidered with “ZR2“slogan, in addition to a new meters panel design and new heel  measure counter.


The pick-up derives its power from Duramax 2,8-liter diesel engine which generates 181 horsepower and 500 N/m of torque connected to an automatic gearbox “Gear” with six-speed ratios  and quad- wheels drive system.

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