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Best 15 Cars of the last Year

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The 2014 year has been a very productive year for the car’s sector. There has been a development of new technologies, improving the well-known ones, the emergence of new companies and the return of some forgotten ones. So, here is a list of 15 cars stuck in memory the last year.

15.Acura TLX 


Acura which was very famous and so popular, lost brand,. But it seems that Acura TLX helped the brand to regain its strength. The new car was created to replace the TSX and TL models. It’s has been well received by criticizers and customers, which had a positive impact on the increase of Acura sales.

14.Cadillac CTS-V 


The CTS-V engine – with 640 HP and strong full speed attaining 320 km / h – is enrolled in history as one of the fastest and most powerful cars in this brand over 112 years.

13.Aston Martin DB1 


Once Again, James Bond will appear behind the wheel of Aston Martin’s sports car. This time DB10 model will be made especially for the film.

12.Alfa Romeo 4C 


After 20 years of absence, Alfa Romeo announced loudly her return to the US market out of a new sports car named “4C”.it’s furnished with a Strong turbo engine (1.7 liters and 237 hp). 4C will give you a chance to enjoy the full leadership based on old-school style.

11.Jaguar F-Type  Coupe


For the first time since the advent of the beautiful supercar E-Type, XJ220 reveals what Jaguar’s engineers  are capable of. You can see the continuation of this wonderful tradition in the new Jaguar F-Type Coupe. Softy’s F-Type Lines and tempting arrayer makes it one of the most desirable sports cars in the market.

10.Porsche Macan 


Porsche Macan” is very similar to the 911 Model and other Porsche’s sport cars. But, the most lucrative car in the SUV is the “Cayenne”. It is widely expected that “Macan” will raise mini SUV’s sales to a new level. We will not be surprised if the sales growth reaches 30-50%.

9.Lincoln MKC 


Ford Lincoln’s Luxury brand is in oblivion for a long time. But recently, the appearance of many new models in the series led to revive the “Lincoln”. The car which must resurrect this series is the MKC crossover declared by Matthew McConaughey himself. The result is the best sales for several years.

8.Ford Mustang 


This year marks the 50th anniversary since the Mustang’s innovation. So, in honor of this, Ford developed a new model that would make grandchildren proud of their generation. With an improved suspension, brakes and many other modifications on the engine, the new Mustang became more than just a race car, but a sports car all over the world. Models powered with Stang EcoBoost (2.3-liter, V4) and Coyote engines (5-liter, V5) are really shiny stars on the road.

7.BMW i8 


BMW i8 Model is a new breakthrough in the field of sports cars. Updated carbon fiber technology and alloy body along with a 3 lite hybrid engine makes i8 unique in its class.

6.Hyundai Genesis 


Traditionally believed, it is very difficult to move from the public sector to business class sector. But Hyundai is on the right way. The second generation Korean’s car Genesis is really an exciting and impressive one. Its performance and luxury style deserves praise by competitors.

5.Jeep Cherokee 


Due to the sale’s growth of more than 20%,Fiat- Chrysler became the winner in 2014. Besides, the best model becomes Jeep Cherokee the very successful one. Indeed, many doubts were about the combine between Chrysler brutal and strong style with the Italian simplicity whether it will succeed or not. Proven practice has already been a success. More than 160 thousand Cherokee cars have been sold in the last year.

4.Dodge Charger


Dodge charger powered of 707 HP and the Ripper shipping Hellcat HEMI engine  has competed strongly GM and “wrapped muscle” Ford. the Challenger’s new engine gave immediately a tangible competitive advantage on the Camaro and the new Mustang. Even more, with the new Hellcat engine, Dodge attains a speed of 328 km / h, making it the fastest car in the world.

3.Small Luxury cars received full popular 2014

BMW 2 series


Audi A3


Mercedes-Benz CLA

Mercedes-Benz CLA 220 CDI, (C117), 2012

  have become a huge success for the three German manufacturing companies. These models have become very popular in North America, because this German luxury car’s category received a steady demand from young people.

2.Tesla Model 


Yes, Tesla Model 3 did not appear in showrooms yet. But the announcement of the start of sales in 2017 made widely a noisy wave throughout the automotive industry. It is a stunning model like S’s Model. It’s an upgraded and very luxurious model which can never become more than just a product «Prevalent” .But the  model 3 should change this standpoint. According to the announcement from the specifications, it will be until that time one of the most electric competitive cars in this huge sector.

1.Ford F-150 


The full-size updated for the pick up may not be seem like an attractive one at first glance. It’s amazing how Ford F-150, which has the best-selling car for 30 years, can stay in sales tops? Perhaps the success of the Ford Motor Company relies on the simple equation for successful competition. Now there is a wonder about the new F-150, whether this model will gain popularity antecedents or not? In the short term, from the perspective of the commercial success, the new Ford F-150 is unparalleled.

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