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Avista,The sumptuous Concept Car from Buick at Detroit International Motor Show

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Due to its futuristic design and brilliant interior cabin, Buick Avista dazzled the visitors at Detroit International Auto Show.

This sporty coupe car is characterized by high-fine streamlined design which according to Buick Company is a “Modern Grand Tourer “. Besides, it is equipped with magnificent front lights with LED technology and prominent engine hood in addition to air distributor of carbon fiber and large ventilation grille ornamented with chrome and the Company’s logo.

From the sides, Avista boasts beautiful 20-inch wheels and high elegant side mirrors, as from the back, it is provided with oval rear exhausts and short trunk which includes distinctive air distributor of carbon fiber.

As for the interior cabin, it is covered with white leather and cloth mattresses adorned with blue and gray, as well as edges of carbon fiber and aluminum, also a digital panel meters, informational entertaining system “IntelliLink”, touch control screen, glass panoramic roof, individual rear benches, active noise cancellation system and ionic Air Purifier.

Buick Avista derives its power from a V6 twin-turbo engine of 3 liters delivers 400 hp, plugged to an eight-speed automatic gearbox.


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