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“Bentley” showcases the utmost extravaganza interior of “Bentayga”

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Bentley Company showcased for the first time a video teaser of the interior of its all-new Bentayga considered as a multi-function SUV

The video displays many luxurious interior details, such as the central console and high-tech LCD binnacle used in the latest Audi Models, in addition to full-sized sat-nav screen depending on the needs of the driver and the finest leathers and woods components.

The speedometer shows obviously that Bentayga can get a maximum speed of 300km/h, and this is no longer surprising since Bentley has already announced that this car will be the fastest and most luxurious SUV in the world, expected to be provided with V8 dual-turbo engine 4 liters and W12 engine 6 liters.

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