“Santa Cruz”,the first pick-up truck from Hyundai

We were always accustomed that Hyundai produces Sedans, Crossovers and hatchbacks, but the new thing this time  is a pickup truck with a back trunk.

Recently, Hyundai has revealed its new pickup car “Santa Cruz”  at the Detroit International Motor Show 2015 , but so far this car is considered as a concept.


So, will Hyundai really be able to compete in the pick-up truck market?

Hyundai Company is smart , it has decided to produce the car as a concept or trial version as a beginning to see the reaction of its customers; if it is positive , the concept will certainly be a productive copy ,but if it is  negative , this idea will be delayed to the coming years for sure.


First impressions concerning  the official images of the Santa Cruz, we notice that it combines two designs, a Crossover from the front side with fierce design, besides to a trunk to put luggage in.


There are many people who want to acquire such a car with a front side which does not reflect the pick-up style and at the same time with a rear boot to carry baggage.

Specifications of Santa Cruz:

NAIAS Monday, Jan. 12, 2015

As for the Front side,it is huge and mysterious, the grille is large and black in addition to the Hyundai logo in the middle, which gives the car a touch of luxury. Moreover, Headlights are with  LED technology and large-sized , fog lamps are located in the bottom of the bumper  and the bonnet has many streamlines.

In the back, the tail lights are wide with  LED technology but the boot is not large enough , in addition to 2 fuel exhaust exits.


Engine Specifications of Santa Cruz :

The current trial version is available on diesel engine with a capacity of 2.0 liters , 4 cylinder , 190-horsepower and a torque of 406 Newton – meters.

Perhaps this is the first time that Hyundai produces rear trunk pickups.



4 thoughts on ““Santa Cruz”,the first pick-up truck from Hyundai

  1. Leslie

    I absolutely love the Santa Cruz. I have been waiting for a new concept to hit the market & this one really caught my attention. I really hope Hyundai puts it into production. I read where this is designed for the millenium generation. Hah! I am a 61 year old female & ready to hit the road in my retirement. Don’t sell this beauty short by marketing it just to the youngest generation. The appeal of the Santa Cruz is for all ages.

  2. mike smith

    I want to know EXACTLY what,when,where,and why THE NEW 2017 VELOSTER.
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to find REAL info on its release date,specs,or pics.Hyundai misses
    the boat on NOT marketing the hell out of it,or improving it to make it REALLY
    worthy of street cred.
    You ask me…I put at least a 250 hp engine in it to rival the Ford Focus ST,then
    redesign the face to make it more SMOOTH,without the unecessary line going
    down from the headlight that creates a useless indentation.

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