Audi reveals its intentions about the new electric car Q6 e-Tron

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Audi revealed its intentions about creating an Electric crossover car after it published an exciting picture for this car, which is expected to carry Q6 e-Tron name.

The engineer chief “Ulrich Hackenberg” in Audi’s company, said : “In early 2018, we will launch a versatile luxury sports car powered by a sophisticated electric battery which enables this new car to go for more than 500 km on electric power only.”

Besides, Hackenberg added: “This car will have a new attractive design, and we are working on to be devoted for electric cars category only.”

Kia Optima 2016, the entirely new

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In preparation for the official disclose at the New York International Auto Show on the first of April / 2015, Kia company unveiled official conceptual photos of the version in production of the “Optima 2016″,entirely new.


First remarks we may note from  the images of the Optima 2016, is that many of its design lines resembles to thoses of the trial version car “SPORTSPACE” which was recently divulged at the Geneva International Motor Show, but “Optima 2016″ has a more aggressive design, especially its attractive rear side.


Some reports indicated that “Optima 2016″ will receive the new “Hyundai Sonata” wheelbase and be provided with a 1.6-liter turbo engine, 2-liter turbo engine or a 2.4-liter engine.

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