A New Range of Special Editions from Jeep to celebrate its 75th birthday

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Jeep Company has launched a new range of special editions to celebrate its 75th birthday.

These special versions selection includes Jeep Renegade, Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, in addition to Jeep Wrangler 2016 and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2016, which comes in military green color, black color, rhino color, the Desert Mojave color, glossy white color, dark silver or granite crystal color and with a price of  34.575 $ or  38.375$ for an Unlimited four-door copy.

All cars in this lineup will be coated in green colors with hues, including military green, “Recon” green or tree Green, depending on the model of the car. Besides to glossy bronze rims with the 75th anniversary logo of the company, touches and edges both tainted with bronze and orange, as well as the distinctive compartments which have exclusive seats bearing the 75th anniversary slogan Jeep Company.

“Alaskan”,the new pick-up concept from “Renault”

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Renault broke into the picturesque and charming Alaska’s nature out of a new conceptual pick up called “Alaskan”, which has been outfitted to raise the challenge and invade the rugged and off-roads with much efficiency and worthiness.

A closer inspection to Alaskan’s exterior, reveals that it’s featured by smooth lines and strong presence through the front lights powered by LED, typical air vents grille, sporty bumper, nice hood with prominent and corrugated lines. While, from the side, it’s characterized by futuristic mirrors that contain cameras to shoot the streets, broad wheels arches and the large edges extended to the top, beside to the unique 21-inch Michelin wheels for harsh and off-road.

As for the pick-up back, it has been equipped with longitudinal extraordinary lights, decorated trunk door with the Renault slogan and thin elegant bumper in addition to a wonderful exhaust.

Alaskan concept is expected to be provided with V4 twin-turbo diesel  engine which offers strong performance.



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