“Optima Sportspace”, the new concept car from Kia

Hyundai and Kia Companies succeeded in starting and intruding seriously into the world of cars. As a result, we may notice that these Companies actually are not considered as Korean cars only, but also seen as cars which offer high performance and modern design.

After 2008, Kia and Hyundai managed to achieve a quantum leap in the world of cars, they realized a marked improvement on the level of cars and designs, in addition to the improvement and development in quality being developed the ways , techniques of safety, security and integrity.

To prove quality, Kia introduces a new generation of cars year after another, and recently presented an idea and a vision about its future direction.Because of that, it has  disclosed its new car “Optima Sportspace concept”.


Kia Company showcased the next sharp and stunning design of some Wagon family categories and the reason of its focus on this kind of cars is that Kia has not ever tried to produce and develop such models.

The represented Optima become longer and more elegant with new and various sizes, it is marked by a wheelbase  of 2840 mm of length ,an external structure of 4855 mm of length and 1870 mm of width, in addition to 1425 mm of height to make Sportspace car more spacious with distinct design characterized by exciting flow lines much typical that the ones provided and seen on current cars in  market .


High performance of Optima  Sportspace :

Optima sportspace is characterized by high stability and calm on different roads, it also offers a comfortable driving experience through seamless control and high response,and it has been provided with turbo engine,with a capacity of 2.0 liters generating 250 hp.


The new generation of Optima is expected to be disclosed this year with a design inspired  from Sportspace concept car  before its launch in 2016.

Characteristics of Optima Sportspace:

The new Kia Optima is unveiled, of course, under its identity known  as the “tiger nose” of the company, beside to a general design much stern and modern than the one of the current Optima. Because it is considered as the first Wagon car from Kia, the Corean Company has worked to focus on the trunk of the car.So, instead of using normal mattresses  in every car, the company added 28 wheel on the ground to facilitate the process of loading and pulling luggage, which will never be posed as a problem for the driver,because immediately after the car’s start and move, this rule will decline by 3 mm to keep the luggage in place in order not to cause any disturbance for the driver, and to provide the most possible benefit of being a Wagon car.


Interior and Exterior of Optima Sportspace:

As we may observe from the images, Kia has succeeded in keeping its promise to make the Optima sharper and sportive than before by providing a low roof, head and rear lights, charming and sharp new lighting design, front windows extends smoothly with the modern design, in addition to the side mirrors, 20-inch rims and some carbon fiber touches to rise the elegance.


Concerning the interior, it is characterized by simplicity and efficiency, it offers two screens,first one is placed in the front counters of the driver to view the vehicle’s speed and Revs in addition to vehicle information of performance and engine, the second screen is located in the middle console to view entertainment information.


In ordre to increase the grandeur and glory,Kia provided the Optima sportspace seats with leather, as well to a glass panoramic roof.

Kia Sportspace (2)

Kia has achieved 2.7 million of global sales of vehicles over the world in 2012, which proves the quality of cars made by this company.As a result, it is expected that Optima Sportspace will have a tremendous  success as well, being the first wagon car produced by Kia and being a family car with diversified characteristics collected in a beautiful and modern car with high performance.



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