Nissan GTR with upgraded Engine generating1400 hp from Jotech

Nissan GTR car is considered as one of the finest sports cars in the world. It is featured with an advanced Japanese technology through which it reflects its antecedent roots and heritage as a legendary car collected millions of fans around the world.Nissan-GT-R-Jotech-Motorsports-4-640x426Due to its power of more than 500 hp, many cars lovers find GT-R a very fast car but others aspire more. So, to satisfy desires of speed and excitement lovers, Jotech Motorsports Company worked on amending this wonderful car by providing it with 1400 hp . That power has been achieved thanks to a 4.1-litre fully-built engine instead of – 3.8 litre – from Jotech itself incorporating forged connecting rods and joined with either turbochargers from HKS, ETS or GReddy. Additionally, a brand new Sheptrans Stage 4 transmission is for  internal and external modifications, watch the following pictures below and enjoy.
nissan-gt-r-jotech-motorsports-9 nissan-gt-r-jotech-motorsports-10 nissan-gt-r-jotech-motorsports-11



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