Maserati enhances the engine power of “Evantra” to 750hp

The Italian manufacturer “Maserati” showcased, through its participation at “Monaco Top Marques ” show for luxurious and limited edition cars, the new version of  “Evantra” being enhanced with more power for up to 750 horsepower.


The “Evantra” is the newest Maserati of its super sports luxury models. This car that its first edition was unveiled last year, carry the Italian Luca Maserati designs;  the Italian Company re-launched new limited edition through the Monaco exhibition, but with more powerful engines, being elevated from 701hp in the precedent version, to 750 hp in the newest.

What is more, “Evantra” 2015 will roar now loudly with its V12 engines of 7 liters, produces a maximum torque of 858 Newton/meters, and contributes with the new engine power to make the vehicle able to get 100 km/h in 3 seconds, with 200 split second faster than the first version, all the way to a top speed of more than 360 km/h, being increased of 10 km/h.

In order to attract a broader segment of business men and luxury and speed lovers, the Italian Company offered diverse options, such as those based mainly on super sports components across fiber carbon and aluminum components, and those provided with luxurious leather and chrome components, and all this extravagance is at a starting price of about 852.000$.



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