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“Dino”,the upcoming new “Ferrari”,but with less power

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Some reports stated that Ferrari will launch its new car “Dino” in the coming years or later in this decade, as it was described.

Dino, (the name has not been confirmed yet) bearing the son’s name of the company founder “Enzo Ferrari”, will be outfitted with V6 engine of 2.9 liters available of either 450 hp or 600 hp.

Dino” is considered as the powerless Ferrari compared to the other models, because of that, the car’s price will be of about 185 000 euros, the car will be also lighter and smaller than 488 GTB model, which was recently unveiled.

The report pointed out that this new engine will provide “future Ferrari’s cars” by more power in the coming years.

The new Improved Facelift CR Z 2016 from Honda

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Numerous preliminary images of the improved Facelift Honda CR Z have been leaked from the official brochure of this small Japanese car.

Since its Hybrid version will appear in a new generation on 2017, Honda decided to put on the CRZ 2016 many improvements, which included the redesigned front, front lights and a new design in addition to larger fog lights, the new rear bumper and a new air distributor.

As for the interior, minor improvements has been made, such as the new buttons replacement and new central armrest with storage compartment.

Unconfirmed information said that Honda will showcase the CR Z 2016 later this year at the Tokyo International Motor Show.

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