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Futuristic “GoodYear” energy generating tires

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Due to technology and innovation advances we face currently in the world of cars, the competition between car manufacturers became very serious in order to create the best and latest car systems and improvements which help increasing fuel economy and efficiency. Because of that, the “Goodyear” tires Company unveiled its new innovated tires model “BHO3”.


New ” GoodYear ” tires technology

The electric outage and the lack of electric charging stations are considered one of the most common fears concerning electric vehicles. As a result, all the Companies want to avoid such a problem even in case a gas station (charging station) is so far away.

Therefore, the “GoodYear” tires Company developed BHO3 tires that work on generating energy (electricity) through cells that converts heat and movement to an electric current, although the car is parked.


How these tires work ?

With science help, the scientists designed this tires to benefit from the thermal movement of rotation produced from the wheel movement of the vehicle through the use of black energy cells. These cells will help to absorb heat, which means, the more heat is increased , the more energy is generated.The trick here lies on  how to convert this accumulated heat into energy. To clarify more, this process is done through a network of thermoelectric materials / piezoelectric, which operates as a source of conversion, transforming the net heat into electric current. Besides, The piezoelectric features also allow to accumulate energy from the tires during this movement.


keen to keep the tires far from overheating, GoodYear Company has developed an internal cooling system within the tire sides to maintain the proper temperature.

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This network does not work on the conversion of heat and movement to electrical energy only, but beside to this and to maintaining a degree heat tire , the tires provide structural support for the car, as in case there is a hole in tire, the wheel continues to rotate and go for a distance of up 80 km/h (50 mp/h).

All  various types of tires at Goodyear


Even if the BHO3 Goodyear tires are still as a concept, the details and performance information in addition to how to connect it to the car are still under analyze and development, but Goodyear experts expect that this technology will be officially disclosed  soon !

Who knows? We may need to separate the tires for recharging next to our smart phones!

“ELR 2016″, the redesigned electric car from”Cadillac”

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Cadillac Company unveiled officially its new electric car ELR 2016 after many improvements and substantial amendments.


What most characterizes the new ELR 2016 car from its antecedent, is the raising of lithium ion battery capacity from 16.5 kW to 17.1 kW contributed to an increase over the functioning on electrical energy from 60 km to 63 km, while the total functioning has been reduced with internal combustion engine from 547 km to 530 km , moreover, the battery requires about 5 hours to be fully recharged.

2014 Cadillac ELR

Additionally, the new ELR 2016 engine has got an increase of 25% made the car more powerful  generating 233 hp and 506 Nm of torque and able to scurry from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds before reaching a top speed of 209 km/h.


Other new features are also available,  such as a 20-inch optional sports tires ,a new sports steering wheel , 3 USB ports and 8 inches display screen ,leather seats as well to a fully electric storage compartments and cup holders in the center console.


As for the price of this electric car, it attains $ 58.495 in US.

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