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Future cars for 2015 and beyond should be exceptional

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Most people have had a frustrating experience especially with the cars that are termed as fuel guzzlers. This is also contributed to by the unexpected changes in the fuel prices from time to time. These are probably the major reasons why many have resorted to the search for alternative means of travel. Future cars 2015 and beyond should be designed on a technology that looks into lessening rate of fuel consumption as well as other alternatives that are less expensive. The future of cars all depend on the efficiency, durability, consumption rate and the cost. However, the cost is not a big deal because you might spend a lot of cash only to enjoy a wide range of benefits associated with the modern cars.

A bright future for cars by 2015 was a conception of Allan Mullaly of Ford. It was later confirmed in a report done by the company. The predictions indicated that the global sales would rise by almost fifty percent in 2015. The report further stated that Ford as company dealing with future cars 2015 would earn global sales totaling to approximately 8 million. This hunted growth was also outlined by the use of several statistics that Ford Company recorded. It has been proven that ford can move up to about 5 million vehicles worldwide in just a single year.

Some people only need a car for going to work. This is the reason why many sell their old fuel diners to get an alternative that can cut down the cost of fuel. Hybrid cars are some of the best and new line of motors that consume less capital on gas or fuel. Future cars 2015 are expected to be stronger in body, fast and durable. The technology used to design them might effect on the overall cost, but what matters most is the efficiency and consumption rate.

Other car making companies as well continue to grow for the reason that the global economy is currently recovering from recessions and are also becoming steadier day by day. These projections cannot come to a reality in a simple way. Ford has planned to raise the annual expense to about six billion dollars in 2015. This is relatively higher compared to what they spent back in 2010 that totaled to roughly 3.9 billion dollars. Ford is hoping to increase the profit margin by a slide as they are utilizing the most out of their experience to come up with more current and up to date future cars.

Hybrid cars are current and modern because they operate on both gasoline energy as well as electricity to power their engines. These cars are designed to automatically switch off the gasoline engine whenever it is on idle mode and this greatly contributes to saving the amount of fuel used. Some are also designed to operate purely on electricity. This is the reason as to why the hybrid motor cars are so silent and noiseless. The moment you step on the accelerator, its engine automatically turns on. The main advantage is the fact that you can opt not to use gasoline and operate only on electric mode.

Best new cars one can buy in 2015

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Each year the vehicle manufacturers come up with a range of products in the market. The automobiles have differences in prices, fuel consumption, the number of passengers they can carry just to mention a few. For those who have plans to buy a car here is a number of new cars for 2015 you can select from depending on your pocket and the personal needs.

To start with, Aston martin Lagonda, that is a revival of the Lagonda to a more luxury saloon. The car has modern LED lights together with fiber carbon bodywork. The car will be limited to only 100 cars that will be sold in the Middle East. The car is made based on the aluminum VH architecture and it makes use of 565bhp with a 4.9 liter V12. The price will be 400000 sterling pounds.

Audi R8 is yet another type that any buyer will dream about this year. The car mainly targets the US population. Audi is a lightweight car that has an extra 20 bhp that tops V10. In addition, the car has ceramic brakes as well as a seven-speed S- tronic gearbox. The car will be displayed in the march Geneva motor show. The car is the most advanced Audi that was made mainly based on the weight reduction technique. It will cost the buyers 100, 000 sterling pounds to acquire the same.

BMW series 2 is also another type among new cars for 2015 though it has been on sale for some time. The producers are thinking of adding to the market convertibles of the BMW. It will feature the same engine as the Coupe and will be fast and efficient. The vehicle will be available in an M235i guise for the first time. The cost for fun, cool and luxurious drive will be at 29180 sterling pounds. Ferrari 458M is the other type of car lovers in the year. It will be a down sized 3.8- liter turbo V8 automobile. In comparison to the previous V8 that is 4.5- liter the Ferrari 458 will be a better one. It goes for 200000 sterling pounds.

For those who fancy automobiles from Fiat, fiat 500X will be the car to choose this year. The new car measures 710mm longer, 170mm wider and 120mm taller than its previous one. Similarly, the Fiat 500X uses the same platform as the 500L. Two to four wheel drive models are available for this kind of vehicle. The price of the automobile is at 14000 sterling pounds.

Ford has a product to sell this year too. The Ford S Max is an up market design with a seven seat MVP. T he size is no different for the one that comes before it. The prices are expected not to vary so much as they will range from 24,000 sterling pounds. There will also be a luxurious model known as the Vignale model that will be designed with modern leather seats. The last but not the least on the new car for 2015 is Honda Civic Type R that has a two -liter petrol turbo with up to 300 bhp and goes for 30000 sterling pounds.

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