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BMW showcases its new Concept Car ” i Vision Future Interaction “

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BMW” Company has unveiled its new concept car “i Vision Future Interaction”, through its participation at the “Consumer Electronics” Show in Las Vegas.

i Future Vision interaction” – built on the basis of “i8 Spyder” concept – is considered as a “highly automated” roadster car equipped with the latest technologies designed basically to self-driving.

A closer inspection to the interior reveals many important changes, as the addition of a 21 inches- panorama screen installed on the front side of the passenger. This screen turns into an integrated entertainment system – allows the driver to surf  on the Internet, read e-mail and watch videos – when the car is on self-driving mode.

Three driving modes are offered: Pure Drive (yourself driving your rechargeable hybrid bolide car), Assist (the driving aids will assist you greatly) and then Auto mode or self-driving mode (you do not have to do anything almost) .

A New Range of Special Editions from Jeep to celebrate its 75th birthday

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Jeep Company has launched a new range of special editions to celebrate its 75th birthday.

These special versions selection includes Jeep Renegade, Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, in addition to Jeep Wrangler 2016 and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2016, which comes in military green color, black color, rhino color, the Desert Mojave color, glossy white color, dark silver or granite crystal color and with a price of  34.575 $ or  38.375$ for an Unlimited four-door copy.

All cars in this lineup will be coated in green colors with hues, including military green, “Recon” green or tree Green, depending on the model of the car. Besides to glossy bronze rims with the 75th anniversary logo of the company, touches and edges both tainted with bronze and orange, as well as the distinctive compartments which have exclusive seats bearing the 75th anniversary slogan Jeep Company.

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