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Attractive black “Range Rover” being tuned by “Lumma Design”

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Luxurious Range Rover has become more unique and distinctive after being tuned with some typical black upgrades by the famous tuner Company “Lumma Design”.

These amendments included an exterior glossy black painting, monstrous front bumper which contains many longitudinal and circular lights, prominent side edges and broad wheel arches to give it a sporty stance. Besides, this super sports car received large wheels of 23-inch and rear bumper as monstrous as the front one.

“Lumma Design” Company raised the power of this Rover to 618 hp by providing it with an improved electronic control unit for the engine.

Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe become more montrous after being tuned by Mansory Company

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“Mansory”, the German tuner Company get its hands on the new Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe by providing it with some unique upgrades.

This ferocious super car got amendments on the streamlined exterior, including a new front bumper, monstrous slots on the hood and broad wheel arches in addition to the new rear bumper, terrifying exhaust and small spoiler that adorns the trunk.

As for The interior, it is also as much splendor as the exterior, it is decorated with luxury leather painted with gray and beige, beside to numerous parts made of carbon fiber as the steering wheel, doors and the dashboard.

Concerning its performance, the S63 AMG Coupe is provided with V8 twin-turbo engine of 5.5-liter delivers 577 hp, but thanks to the “Mansory’s” modifications, this silver arrow became more powerful by generating a power of between 709 and 887 hp.

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