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A very nice Bentley Continental GT being tuned by “Vosteiner” Company

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The British Bentley Continental GT had become more brightening after received some coolest touches from “Vorsteiner” tuner Company and distinctive “HRE” wheels, which made it more impressive and beautiful car.

These tunings includes a new offensive front bumper, prominent side edges and typical rear bumper embraces rectangle air distributor in addition to side air vents placed also on the front bumper to improve the aerodynamic of this great sports car and to help it to remain steadfast on the turns and at high speeds.

This continental GT is characterized also with large-sized HRE wheels in black color mixed with white Continental GT .

Hyundai Sonata 2016 became the first car possessing the new Android Auto System

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The Korean company “Hyundai” has announced that Sonata 2016 became the first commercial car equipped by developed “Android auto system”.

Sonata’s 2015 owners -equipped with navigation system- can develop their information system for free by visiting the nearest Hyundai show, or visit the website to become able to use Android auto’s new system, which will provide them with many new and special features including personal alarm, numerous choices for their destinations via the navigation system and information about the weather as well as many other features.

Customers will be able to use Android auto system in case of possessing only one mobile with operating Android system, and they must also connect their phone system Android auto through normal USB or mini-USB port entrance.

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