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A new sports SUV from “Lamborghini”

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According to news reports, the Italian luxury company “automobili Lamborghini” plans to produce a multi-function and new high-performance sports “SUV”, which could increase its production after reaching an agreement with the Italian Prime Minister “Matteo Renzi “to get tax exemptions.

The news agency “Bloomberg” for economic news proclaimed, according to unknown sources, that “stephan winkelmann”, President and CEO of Italian sports car manufacturer “Automobili Lamborghini“, and “Rupert Stadler”, chief executive officer (CEO) of Audi, will hold a joint press conference in Rome next Wednesday, with the presence of Prime Minister “Renzi”, to announce the agreement.

In return for Lamborghini approval to hire about 500 additional employees, Renzi’s government would offer tax exemptions of about 80 million euros ($ 87 billion).

This comes as Audi – owned by the German group Volkswagen, the biggest car producer in Europe- is seeking to expand the portfolio of Lamborghini products to include new cars more than the two-seater, not very attractive in emerging markets, such as in China, because of poor road conditions.

This new Lamborghini will be the first SUV produced by the Italian company since the production of “LM 002” being stopped in 1993.

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