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Kahn Design supercar “Vengeance” looks like Aston Martin DB9

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Kahn design Company published some exciting pictures of its stunning car named “Vengeance” which means “revenge”, based upon Aston Martin DB9 design.kahn-design-wb12-vengeance-based-on-the-aston-martin-db9_100509892_mThis super sports car is featured with a creative exterior design represented with many prominent lines, a new ventilation air grille, a front bumper decorated with slashes air vents and broad wheel arches trim ornamented with winged vents, in addition to the new rear that comprises circular lights and streamlined rear bumper beside to air distributor made of carbon fiber, and tires with classic design of 20 inches in the front and 21 inches at the back.kahn-design-wb12-vengeance-201521245_4It is expected that Vengeance will be provided with V12 engine of 5 liters automatic refueling delivering 510 hp and 620 Nm of torque, allowing this supercar to kick off from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds.

“Q70L Bespoke Edition”,a real pearl from Infiniti

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Infiniti” Company has revealed its luxury version of Infiniti Q70L Bespoke Edition at the Shanghai Motor Show 2015, and offered an interior cabin inspired of the concept car for the first time to visitors whom most of them were Chinese.2015-infiniti-q70-nyias-1Q70L Bespoke Edition is characterized with distinctive longer-wheelbase of 150mm and four luxury seats covered with white quilted leather. This exploratory effort comes to fill the gap between the current internal cabins of production cars and internal stunning cabins of concept cars that Infiniti invents.2015-infiniti-q70l-side-viewThe interior cabin of the luxury version of Infiniti Q70L was created with features meticulous craftsmanship and three-dimensional textures which turned this car to a space of extravagance and splendor to give us a glimpse about Infiniti concepts that become real cars running on the streets around the world.Infiniti-Q70L-Bespoke-Edition-4On the outside, changes are limited to a special color named Arctic Aluminum, first seen on Q60 Concept, which Infiniti says it gleams like liquid metal and wraps the body like a metallic skin.
2015-infiniti-q70l-rear-side-viewQ70L and two other models from InfinitiQ80 inspiration and Q60 concept– were disclosed also at the Shanghai Motor Show.
The four-doors car “Q80 inspiration” was designed to make a shift in the segment of luxurious sedan cars with large size through  its chassis which defies the ordinary and bold proportions; while the design of Q60 concept is characterized by bold to give us a vision about the luxurious sports coupe cars expected to be outputted in
Infiniti Company’s CEO “Roland Krueger” Said: “the display of these cars enhances the special language of the design of Infiniti which highlights the power and artistry, as Q70L Bespoke Edition translated seamlessly that language in the internal cabin. Nor our productions still inspiring advanced design language along with enhancing Infiniti for its presence all over the world. “Infiniti-Q70L-Bespoke-Edition-2It is noteworthy that Infiniti’s sales around the world rose to 13.5 per cent in 2014, as the company sold 186 200 vehicles. In the first quarter of 2015, the company reported better sales for three months around the world, because Infiniti sold 52,000 vehicles representing a 12 per cent of annual the same period, sales in China increased by 28.3 percent on an annual basis; this shows the importance of Infiniti’s ambitious plan at the market of global business. In view of the investments made recently, the next few years will witness the promotion of the production facilities of Infiniti to be expanded in five countries all over three continents. It is also expected that the global network of agents grow by a third by the end of 2016. Infiniti Centers around the world are currently 490 centers.

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