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What a “mystery concept car” from Peugeot !!!

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Peugeot Company has posted an exciting teaser video of a Mystery concept car that will fascinate certainly the world cars fans after its official disclose.

Moreover, Peugeot Company has designed this super sports mysterious car to participate in the Gran Turismo 6 video game belonging to the list of famous high-performance super sports racing cars.

This enigmatic car is featured with an external low and wide chassis taking into account and carefully the aerodynamic and the new Peugeot ventilation grille beside to many purely sporty features as the headlights and prominent wheel arches.

In the nutshell, the company said the car is coming soon, but no official launch date has been scheduled so far. Peugeot has a long history of delivering gorgeous looking prototypes that afterwards unfortunately don’t reach the production lines.

The new Range Rover Sport HST 2016 Model

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Land Rover Company has launched its new vehicle “Range Rover Sport HST” through its participation at the New York International Auto Show 2015.

These HST models are enhanced of high-performance driving experience – offered by Range Rover Sport vehicles – due to the gasoline V6 supercharged engine with capacity of 3.0-liter generating 380 hp beside to the unique Chassis settings  and the stunning design features.


On this occasion, Range Rover Sport vehicles program’s director “David Mitchell” said: “HST Model contributes in expanding our Range Rover Sport models to give customers a wider set of options. This model – which comes between the two current Models of Range Rover Sport provided either with V6 Supercharged engine of 3.0-liter and 340 hp, or enhanced V6 supercharged engine 550 hp – suits with the comfort and purity levels known to be always the characteristics of Range Rover Sport vehicles. “


Additionally, many updates – that have undergone Range Rover Sport 2016 vehicles lineup – are offered in New York including the new back door run gestures technology in addition to the height adjustment system.

The new and bold Range Rover Sport HST vehicle is characterized by its unique exterior design and exquisite interior that gives this luxury and high-performance SUV a distinctive and vivid stance.

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As for The exterior’s design hallmark, is represented with stark black touches, likewise, HST model is equipped  with “Stealth Pack” lights in both the front and rear characterized by anti-reflective tires integrated with anisotropic “Santorini Black” roof and new exhaust. In addition to this, the combined distinctive 21-inch alloy wheels of HST are featured with exclusive touches colored in satin dark gray, which contributes to highlight the updated brakes characterized by red handles.

Larger 22-inch “Stealth” Wheels are also available as an option.


Besides, the hood, the front-side air vents, the grille, and the fog lamps edges are featured with the glossy black touches consistent with the “Range Rover” letters on the front edge of the bonnet and rear doors. The vehicle is also equipped with typical thresholds down the doors in addition to touches for air vents on the fenders. Commonly with other models in the Range Rover Sport dynamic lineup, HST model is adorned with a red sport sign at the back harmonized with the HST unique logo on the front side vents. As well, the vehicle is provided- from Land Rover – with a V6 gasoline supercharged engine of 3.0 liters generating 380 hp also has been improved to provide additional power of 40 hp.

The unique chassis settings offer more remarkable driving experience and the best response, without compromising on the convenience features and purity. Besides, the amendments of the suspension system contributes to mitigate the wobble of the body of the vehicle while providing greater agility, also improved brakes include 20-inch discs to give the driver more confidence.


HST model is available with a single-term gearbox reflects the high performance capabilities, and the Land Rover engineers have created a vehicle with unique settings of a response system for different roads. The vehicle also has been equipped with a dynamic mode to enhance the performance of the suspension system, in addition to electric power-assisted steering (EPAS ) and other electronic systems to suit driving on-road. This feature provides more ability of electronic damping and a fuel pedal more responsive, while enhancing the gearboxes and steering wheel responsive to be harmonized with the new personality of HST.

Concerning the interior cabin, HST model is characterized with dual-color attractive seats coated with  Oxford luxury leather. This full combination contributes – with the divergent dashboard, the ebony wood touches on the doors, the center console and the upper standard lining made of ebony wood – in creating a unique environment.

The luxurious leather furniture is available in four groups of Ebony / colors, along with the all-Ebony as additional option.


Moreover, HST distinctive logo located on the dashboard in addition to luxurious carpets and TFT screen gauges contribute in highlighting the extent focus on high performance at this luxury vehicle. Furthermore, sporty touches stretch to include speed switches keys installed on the steering wheel and bright “sporty” pedals, while aluminum accents in the interior cabin are characterized with an attractive and “sporty” mode.


All Range Rover Sport 2016 models  have been equipped with driving on all types of terrains as standard control system, including response technology for the terrain 2 to ensure a greater ability on off-road. Height adjustment system is also offered as a feature to improve ease of entry and exit to and from the vehicle. The system automatically lowers the height of the vehicle to get in or out when the car stops and a door opens.

The practical features have been enhanced by providing a back door works with gestures, allowing running back door without the use of hands but simply moving the foot under the rear part of the vehicle. The sensor device allows customers to run the back door from the side, and the system is fully compatible with the drawbar. Besides, the customers benefit from the greater range of specialization options with an expanded set of accessories.


The new carbon fiber pack – includes side air vents, with touches on the back door, the side mirrors covers, the cover of the front grille, the fog light edges and the air vents in the hood – is offered with strong gloss paint.

Range Rover Sport HST 2016 model is available for request this April, while the prices will be announced Later in addition to disclosing other new HST models.

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