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“Qiantu K50 Event”: The first Chinese Electric Super Sports Car !

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Qiantu Company offered through its participation at the Shanghai International Motor Show a new electric car “K50 Event”- looks like “Koenigsegg” from front side while McLaren from the back – which is considered as the first Chinese super electric car.qiantu-k50-event-at-the-shanghai-motor-show-201512The company’s platform was adorned with two “K50” copies. The first one is dedicated to car racing while the second to roads. Both copies received a streamlined aerodynamic design beside to an impressive side mirrors and a concave roof sliding back, also a large prominent rear spoiler and longitudinal lights connected to each other.qiantu-k50-chinaThis car will be provided with distinctive electric engine – generating 394 hp and 650 Nm of torque – transmits power to the rear wheels and allowing this sport car to reach 100 km / h in 5 seconds while offers a top speed of 200kmh.   K50 can traverse 200 km on electric power only through batteries .339242-995x565

A nice Special edition of Ferrari “California T”

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Ferrari showcased its special and wonderful edition of “California T” car at the Shanghai International Motor Show 2015.
2015-Ferrari-California-T-Tailor-Made-Special-Edition-102-876x535 Ferrari’s design team said that this car was designed by “Tailor Made” section-the responsible for creating distinctive cars-and it is dedicated only for the Chinese market. California T special edition is characterized by “Grigio Ingrid” grey for the exterior, in addition to brown prestige leather seats embroidered with impeccable touches. Even the floor mats are noteworthy: they are made of 100% pure virgin wool from New Zealand with a natural jute background, this is carpet normally used in luxury home interior decoration and have an exceptionally plush feel.
2015-Ferrari-California-T-Tailor-Made-Special-Edition-inline1-626x382 This sports car is equipped with V8 turbo engine-3.8 liters of capacity, generating 525 hp and 755 Nm of torque- coupled with a 7-speed double transmission gearbox allowing this stunning car to kick off from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds before reaching a top speed of 316 km / h.
150117_car-1280x0_RC4PTY 150116_car-1280x0_CDDWZ7 ferrari-california-t-6_1600x0w

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