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Nissan GTR with upgraded Engine generating1400 hp from Jotech

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Nissan GTR car is considered as one of the finest sports cars in the world. It is featured with an advanced Japanese technology through which it reflects its antecedent roots and heritage as a legendary car collected millions of fans around the world.Nissan-GT-R-Jotech-Motorsports-4-640x426Due to its power of more than 500 hp, many cars lovers find GT-R a very fast car but others aspire more. So, to satisfy desires of speed and excitement lovers, Jotech Motorsports Company worked on amending this wonderful car by providing it with 1400 hp . That power has been achieved thanks to a 4.1-litre fully-built engine instead of – 3.8 litre – from Jotech itself incorporating forged connecting rods and joined with either turbochargers from HKS, ETS or GReddy. Additionally, a brand new Sheptrans Stage 4 transmission is for  internal and external modifications, watch the following pictures below and enjoy.
nissan-gt-r-jotech-motorsports-9 nissan-gt-r-jotech-motorsports-10 nissan-gt-r-jotech-motorsports-11

Kia showcases its new Concept car “Novo” at Seoul International Motor Show

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Kia Company dazzled the visitors at the Seoul International Motor Show with its new four-doors car “Novo Concept”.Kia-Novo_Concept_2015_800x600_wallpaper_06This car is featured with “Fastback” design obviously seen through its rear ,and from the front, it is provided with “nose Tiger” ventilation grille, impressive laser headlights , exciting front bumper with prominent edges, side large-edges, beside to doors opening in opposite way, luxurious side mirrors and large 20-inch tires, while in the back, Novo concept boasts with longitudinal laser lights stretched along the sides and triangular exhaust on the sides of the bumper with wavy design.Kia-Novo_Concept_2015_800x600_wallpaper_05As for the interior cabin, it is futuristic par excellence and equipped with a multifunction wheel steering, sports seats and large digital dashboard in addition to the wonderful knitting that adorn the doors, seats, center console and most of the interior parts. But, beside to all the previous characteristics, what about a ‘blind control’ touch pad next to the steering wheel enables the driver to control most of the car functions after defining his fingerprint on it ? Ravishing !!!! No ?Kia-Novo_Concept_2015_800x600_wallpaper_0a

Kia Novo Concept derives its power from  a V4 turbo engine with 1.6 liter plugged to 7-speeds double transmission gearbox to power the front wheels.Kia-Novo_Concept_2015_800x600_wallpaper_08Currently there are no plans to bring the Kia Novo concept to production.Kia-Novo_Concept_2015_800x600_wallpaper_03 Kia-Novo_Concept_2015_800x600_wallpaper_09Kia-Novo_Concept_2015_800x600_wallpaper_0b

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