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“1MW”, a stunning All-Electric concept with 1341hp from “Toroidion”

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After its showcase recently at the Top Marques Monaco Show 2015, Finnish Company “Toroidion” impressed the  world with its all-new electric concept 1MW provided with 1341 hp.Toroidion-1MW-0This hand-made car is featured with doors open up in addition to a modern classic and distinctive design and   demure sporty interior cabin reminiscent of racing cars in the seventies and eighties.toroidion-1mw-concept-7-1The inside of the Toroidion meanwhile is very minimalist. A pair of race-spec bucket seats sit low down inside with a four-point race harness for each seat. There are no rear seats — presumably to make space for what looks like a large battery pack of unspecified size — and the front dashboard if furnished with two rows of neat switches against a brushed aluminum plate.Toroidion-1MW-041MW is equipped with four high-performance electric engines, each one is connected to a wheel. The  front engines generate both of them 536 horsepower while each one of the rear engines deliver 402 hp, allowing this car to obtain a total of 1341 hp.1mw-toroidion-supercar-1-e1429542598946

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