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Panamera Edition with various standard functions

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Panamera Edition” is considered as a special copy of Panamera, it is featured with elegant design and variant standard functions. This luxurious car is available in three models equipped with powerful V6 engines, including “Panamera Edition” and “Panamera 4 Edition” with 310hp as well “Panamera Diesel Edition” with 300 hp.P15_0270_a4_rgb-e1427726626619-626x382Porsche sports four-doors cars play an important role in the company’s profitable growth. The financial base of the basic Porsche investments is enhanced by the future generations of its sports cars. Panamera is one of those key pillars of success since its launch for the first time in 2009. The sold of 24 864 cars sales in 2014 only, is the most significant evidence .Edition-rear-e1427726670788-626x382The outer body of “Panamera Edition” is highlighted with the additional design elements, including standard 19-inch metal wheels with “Panamera Turbo II” design and colored Porsche  slogan, in addition to longitudinal Shiny black sections on the side windows and door handles (when ordering” Porsche Entry & Drive” as additional Option).Edition-interior-e1427726717112-626x382As for the interior, “Panamera Edition” replete with partial bi-colors (black / luxury-Beige) leather furnishings and Porsche logo on the headrests. Besides, it is characterized with “Sport Design” steering wheel, special carpets and doors thresholds inscribed with “Edition” characters. The list of standard equipment extends to include “Porsche communications management”(PCM) with 7 inches touch screen to control communications, audio and navigation systems. The internal elements of luxury and comfort will not be perfect without an amazing audio pleasure, because of that, “Panamera Edition” is provided with a surround sound system “Bose” comprises 14 speaker generating 585 watts.Edition-headrest-e1427726757264-626x381Concerning features and technical standard functions  of “Panamera Edition“, there are numerous and include”Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)” beside to two front lights with Bi-Xenon technology and”Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS)”,in addition to “Power Steering Plus system” and “Park Assist” (front and rear) with rear view Camera. It is noteworthy that “Panamera 4 Edition” is available with an active four-wheel drive “Porsche traction management ” ( PTM) as a multi-plate clutch electronically controlled.

“1MW”, a stunning All-Electric concept with 1341hp from “Toroidion”

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After its showcase recently at the Top Marques Monaco Show 2015, Finnish Company “Toroidion” impressed the  world with its all-new electric concept 1MW provided with 1341 hp.Toroidion-1MW-0This hand-made car is featured with doors open up in addition to a modern classic and distinctive design and   demure sporty interior cabin reminiscent of racing cars in the seventies and eighties.toroidion-1mw-concept-7-1The inside of the Toroidion meanwhile is very minimalist. A pair of race-spec bucket seats sit low down inside with a four-point race harness for each seat. There are no rear seats — presumably to make space for what looks like a large battery pack of unspecified size — and the front dashboard if furnished with two rows of neat switches against a brushed aluminum plate.Toroidion-1MW-041MW is equipped with four high-performance electric engines, each one is connected to a wheel. The  front engines generate both of them 536 horsepower while each one of the rear engines deliver 402 hp, allowing this car to obtain a total of 1341 hp.1mw-toroidion-supercar-1-e1429542598946

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