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A various and special selection of the most amazing cars at the Geneva international auto Show 2015

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The Geneva auto Show 2015 was launched for the 85th time with the presence of the biggest international auto companies showcased all about their new car models and innovative technologies.

For these reasons, we will provide our followers with a global report about our tremendous selection of the new cars that were displayed at the Geneva  Show 2015 known to be the most popular and distinguished cars show around the world.

Ferrari GTB 488 2015

Ferrari presented its new GTB 488 for the first time at the Show this year.This car was one of the most distinctive displayed cars at the show because of its stunning engine with 8 cylinders which generates 670 horsepower and it reaches a speed of 200 km / h in 3.8 seconds.


McLaren P1 GTR

One of the legendary cars at the show was McLaren P1 GTR Hybrid copy, which is equipped with an engine generating 900 hp. Because that splendid car was able to achieve remarkable successes in the world of motor racing, it’s time to be manufactured on demand as a featured salon car.


BMW Alpina B6

The new BMW Alpina B6 was so shiny at the show as well. This car has unique specifications and only 50 copies will be made.

Alpina B6 reaches a speed of about 330 km / h, making it the fastest coupe car around the world, and will be displayed for sale at a price of about 134,000 euros.


Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

The German company, “Mercedes” offered its new CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake, which will be available at a price of about 57,000 euros.


Hyundai Tucson Sports

As for Hyundai, it has showcased its new designed car “Tucson SUV”, which will be as the successor car of ix35, and it will be available in five models, including two gasoline engines and three diesel ones.


Audi R8 e-tron

Audi unveiled officially its new car “R8 e-tron”  fully electric through the participation at the Geneva auto Show.

The fully electric R8 e-tron is equipped with 2 electric engines generating 455 hp and 920 Nm of torque allowing this super sports car to kick off from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds and go for 450 km when the battery is fully charged; Audi says that the battery can be fully recharged in less than two hours.


Infiniti QX30

Keen to keep up with developments happening in the world of cars, Nissan Company proposed its new car model of the trial version “Infiniti QX30”, which some of its parts have been designed in collaboration with Mercedes Company.


Opel Corsa (OPC)

Opel Company also released the new hatchback “Opel Corsa (OPC)” with extraordinary performances and new sports look. Besides, it will be available on gasoline engine with a capacity of 1.6 liters, which generates 207 hp, and be offered for sale at a price of approximately 24.500 euros.



Concerning the presence of the British company “Rolls-Royce” at the Geneva show, it has made a new revolution on the level of interior design through which it confirms the future vision of its luxury cars. Rolls-Royce offered  magnificent unfamiliar forms of seats and the interior roof of the car.


Aston Martin DBX Concept

Aston Martin Company presented the trial version of its prestigious new car “DBX” in the platform at the Geneva International Motor Show.

The vehicle got an electric engine plugged to a battery made of lithium-sulfur cells, advanced technology of electric steering system and information display system on the windshield of the driver and the passenger, in addition to brakes made of carbon-ceramic and energy movement restoration system “KERS”.


German “Edag”

One of the astonishing innovations at the Geneva auto Show 2015, was the new lighting technology related to cars such as those created by the German company “Edag” , providing the “EDAG light cocoon concept” technology. This technology will lighten the entire exterior of the car with diverse colors and in ultimate extravaganza way.



And last but not least, The return of the German mythical car “Borgward” at the Geneva auto Show 2015 after 54 years of absence because its production was stopped in 1961; but thanks to a Chinese car manufacturer company in cooperation with the German company Daimler AG, Borgward is back. Its return was the most important event of this exhibition.


Koenigsegg Regera, the fastest car in the world !!!!

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What is the fastest car in the world? This is the first question raises everyone’s attention no matter what its age is.We know for sur that from time to another ,carmakers differed and competed on  creating the world’s fastest car, but Koenigsegg company took the lead recently by producing the fastest car in the world and succeeded to challenge any competitor.


Even if Agera R  is still ahead of its competitors; McLaren , Porsche and Ferrari companies have launched their very fast cars equipped with hybrid engine.This led Koenigsegg to a decline ranked in the fastest cars in the world and to show up in weaker against its competitors, but this did not last long.


After this, Koenigsegg company responded by producing the fastest and most powerful car the world has ever known until today. It is capable to reach 400 km/h in only 20 seconds. To clarify more, we’ve comparing it to other similar cars with excessive speed, such as the Porsche 918 Spyder, which accelerates from 0 to 300 in 23 seconds, and Bugatti Veyron Super Sport known to be the fastest car in the world earlier, accelerating from 0 to 400 in 30 seconds.


As for Koenigsegg Regera, this mystery car is very powerful due to its stunning hybrid system, as it is provided of V8 bi-turbo engine with a capacity of 5.0 liters and 1,100 horsepower, in addition to the electric batteries that produce the equivalent power of 700 hp;  it means that the car is able to access 1,800 hp, but Koenigsegg merely depends on  1,500 hp provided by its engine along three batteries, two of them located in the front tires, while the third is located in the engine in order to charge itself through the exploitation of energy emerging from the brakes, also it may be charged manually.


Regera Was created on the basis of its similar Agera, various ideas were inspired of that, but what characterized it is the entirely different front and rear design, in addition to containing an automatically moving wing used for the first time with Koenigsegg cars, and exhaust outlet made of titanium, which was developed by Akrapovic the famous production company of exhaust systems for motorcycles.


No more than 80 Regera’s cars are produced all over the world, knowing that it does not make a lot of cars in order to increase the specificity and global glory,because since its inception, Koenigsegg company  has produced only 115 cars.

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