Detroit International auto Show 2016, the biggest is not always the best

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At Detroit International Show 2016, many automakers Competed to launch the latest self-driving techniques and modern designs. What most distinguishes the show is the strongest presence of small and speediest cars.

So, let’s travel with you throughout this exhibition.

The American company “Chevrolet” disclosed its car “Corvette“, equipped with V8 engine delivers 659 horsepower, allowing it to reach 100km/h in about three seconds. The price of “Corvette” is about 99 000 euros only.

Mercedes class “E” has got the permission to run in the American state of “Nevada”. This vehicle is outfitted with self-driving technique and contains “self-driver”, as to be the first self-driving car to get this license. The car is also equipped with computer chips, cameras, software and sensors, as well as the latest Internet technologies, aimed to attract the younger generation of consumers.

The trial license was granted to three models of class “E”, but under conditions, as the driver controls the car in some cases while moving, such as cornering or when you stop and start driving. In addition, the driver can’t drive the car alone in the trial period and requires the presence of a passenger with him.

As for “Acura“, a subsidiary of Honda Company for luxury cars exclusively, has showcased an expected model, which was developed by – about more than 20 years – the former world champion of Formula One “Ayrton Senna”, who died in 1994. The car is provided with six-cylinder dual-turbo engine and a sporty hybrid system, consisted of three electric engines and battery.

At Detroit international show 2016, we have witnessed the launch of the luxury car “Lexus LC 500” provided with V8 engine of 5 liters, and equipped with distinctive headlights, while the exterior design provides the car with aerodynamics ability.

Also, Nissan disclosed its futuristic small electric car “IDS Concept“. It is considered to be as an environmentally friendly car featured by self-driving, and able to communicate with the driver through a communications system, in addition to changing the interior cabin status and the possibility of changing the driver’s seat to back while using self-driving.

Warrior model “Warrior” of Nissan Titan of pickup trucks category is characterized by its beautiful interface and “big muscles”. The company said that this model is designed to give the car more power, strength and ability to walk on off/ rough roads and even in desert lands.

As for Honda Civic, she has got the best car’s award in the exhibition this year. Civic excelled with its bold design and materials used in manufacture. The car got 203 points in the voting results of referees, while the two competitor cars, Chevrolet Malibu and Mazda MX-5 got only 181 and 146 points respectively.

Ford Motor Company had showcased its improved model of “Fusion” at Detroit show 2016. The car is equipped with V8 dual-turbo engine of 2.7-liter, delivers 325-horsepower. Additionally, the sports version of “Fusion” is featured by four-wheel drive system and active suspension system.

Many different models of cars were unveiled in the Volkswagen pavilion at the show. The company’s General Director, Matthias Mueller, on the sidelines of the conference, apologized to the Americans about the manipulations scandal on the level of diesel engines values and announced that the company intends to buy back more than 100 000 cars touched by these manipulations.

“Aqos”,the Serbian Company pervades the world of cars with new stunning models

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Aqos” Company has published some exciting pictures being presented – for the first time for a variety of cars that will appear – at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show 2016.

Serbian Company fascinated the world of auto industry with new seven models, which obviously will storm the cars field strongly and ferociously.

The new company did not officially disclose any information at all about who will preside over the project and finance it, but said the designer is Sasha Milovančević.

With the approach of the Geneva International Motor Show, this wave of questions that hover around the new Serbian company and its project will be ended.


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